What Do We Do?

No other paint company matches our quality preparation and finishes of exterior painting! Nobody matches our detailed finishes and painstaking preparation. Every house is power washed, prepped, patched, primed and re-primed for a superior base that paint can be applied to. We also offer complete wood and stucco replacement and repairs. Like all of our work we offer great warranties and free estimates.

How Do We Prepare?

Surface preparation is the most important aspect to achieving the desired results for a professional paint job. However, the preparation phase is the most labor intensive, and many times contractors are tempted to take shortcuts. But not at IM Painting! IM Painting employees are craftsmen who are proud of the work they perform. And to achieve the level of quality they demand of themselves, proper surface is never taken lightly, or shortcuts taken.

At IM Painting that’s just not acceptable. Sanding, scraping, cleaning and priming are completed with the same attention to detail as painting fine woodwork. Sure, it may not be seen at first, but down the line, when paint performance depends on proper surface preparation—it will be noticed.

How Do We Protect?

Special care is always taken to protect your house and belongings. All personal belongings are carefully moved or double masked for protection. All plants are properly covered with canvas cloths to avoid over spray and plastic burning. Properly finishing the exterior of a home is a multi-phase process. IMPainting takes much care and consideration for your landscape and property. We always strive to complete jobs in a timely manner. We understand the importance of returning your newly painted home to you! Just as important, IMPainting understands that we are guests on your property and in your home. We treat your property and furnishings with respect and care.

Our Premium Paints and Materials

There are many fine paints and finishes on the market today. IM Painting stays abreast of these new products by attending manufacturer sponsored product-training seminars, working with our technical reps and reading industry trade magazines. We will always recommend the best product or finish to achieve your desired results. We only recommend and use premium grade materials.